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Inage Memorial Hall (Memorial)
Address:7-2-3 Takahama Mihama-ku
Kasori Shellmounds Site Museum (Art/Culture)
Address:8-33-1 Sakuragi-cho Wakaba-ku
Chiba Folk Museum (Art/Culture)
Address:1-6-1 Inohana Chuo-ku (In Inohana Park)
Chiba City Archeological Operation and Research Center (Art/Culture)
Address:1210 Minamioyumi-cho Chuo-ku
Konyo Aoki’s Sweet Potato Test Site (Historical Site/Cultural Property)
Address:4-594-2 Makuhari-cho Hanamigawa-ku
Komagata Kannondo (Historical Site/Cultural Property)
Address:Naganuma-cho Inage-ku
Eifukuji Temple (Historical Site/Cultural Property)
Address:3869 Omiya-cho Wakaba-ku
Senyoji Temple (Historical Site/Cultural Property)
Address:161 to 167 Chibadera-machi Chuo-ku
Dainichiji Temple (Historical Site/Cultural Property)
Address:2-1-27 Todoroki-cho Inage-ku
Choshuin Temple (Historical Site/Cultural Property)
Address:1158 Oyumi-cho Chuo-ku
Chiba Shrine (Historical Site/Cultural Property)
Address:1-16-1 Innai Chuo-ku
Tenpukuji Temple (Historical Site/Cultural Property)
Address:60 Hanashima-cho Hanamigawa-ku
Inage Sengen Shrine (Historical Site/Cultural Property)
Address:1-10-15 Inage Inage-ku
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